Tom Bowen found that the organism, when properly stimulated and put in the right conditions, can very often regain its ability to rebalance itself.

The main effects of the Bowen technique:
  • It modulates and harmonises the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic components of the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for the body’s involuntary responses to stimuli from both the internal and external environment;
  • Vital energy begins to flow freely and the immediate subjective perception is one of well-being;
  • The state of relaxation marks the beginning of the rebalancing process and gives the body the opportunity to reorganise itself through the activation of various neural reflexes;
  • The body realigns itself with beneficial effects on musculoskeletal structures, the nervous system and visceral functions;
  • It increases blood flow to the joints and improves water metabolism in the body tissues.
Target group
The Bowtech® technique (or Bowtech® technique), can be safely applied to any person and at any age and there are many documented testimonies proving the usefulness of this technique.
However, it must be emphasised that, although the technique is also used by many therapists, it does not replace the advice of your doctor.
What it feels like
The general experience is one of profound well-being coupled with a state of physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. In many cases, different feelings or reactions can be added to this sense of relaxation.
For example, some people may feel a sense of warmth or cold, others will feel a sense of lightness or heaviness, tingling or vibrations.

Bowtech® and sport

Bowtech is affiliated with the Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (CSEN) – Provincial Committee of Milan, a sports promotion body recognised by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) and CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee), a national body with welfare purposes recognised by the Ministry of the Interior, a national body for social promotion.
CSEN was also accredited by the Ministry of Health on 5 March 2003 (registration number 7522) as the national body responsible for the training activities of Continuing Medical Education.

Insights and References

John Wilks, former President of the Bowen Association of the United Kingdom. Further reading books in English.