Bowtech® (Bowen Technique), is a manual technique involving non-invasive and very gentle sequences of digital pressure on muscles, tendon ligaments or, mainly, on neurovascular fasciae.

The movements are interspersed with short pauses, which are essential to give the body time to receive the signals and decide whether and how much to respond to the stimulus received.

It is a simple, effective, never painful technique. It stimulates the body to undertake a process of self-healing and trusts in the body’s ability to independently resolve existing imbalances.

The Bowtech® practitioner, by performing the specific movements of the technique with professional competence, provides the minimum external stimulus necessary to catalyse the transformation that leads to an almost immediate balancing of the body structure, followed by the restoration of function.

Conceived by Australian Tom Ambrose Bowen in the 1950s, it was developed as we know it today through intensive clinical research over 30 years, and taught to a small number of experts.

Thomas Ambrose Bowen (1916-1982), was born in Brunswick, near Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

His interest in massage and soft tissue manipulation emerged from his love of Australian football and observing the way coaches worked on injured players.

During his lifetime he developed a technique for soft tissue manipulation, known today as Bowtech©.

Oswald Rentsch, considered the natural “heir” to Tom Bowen, began studying Bowtech as an osteopath in 1974 directly at Tom Bowen’s clinic in Geelong, Victoria. 

He stayed there for two and a half years and under his direction learned the technique and wrote the manual that is still used in teaching today.

Oswald Rentsch and his wife, Elaine, used this method in their clinic in Hamilton, Victoria, Australia.

At the specific request of Tom Bowen, after his death in 1982, Mr and Mrs Rentsch began teaching this technique, training Bowen therapists and teachers all over the world. 

Pictured: Oswald Rentsch, right, next to Doris Adang (Bowen Practitioner, Master level) and Manfred Zainzinger (Bowtech Senior Instructor and Founder of the Bowen Verein Europe Association).