Doris Adang

Doris Adang has over 30 years of professional experience in the world of Holistic Treatments, Natural Wellness and Natural and Organic Cosmetics.

As experienced Bowen Practitioner, she has also extended her knowledge with a long and intensive practice of various holistic disciplines.
Her professional experiences include, in particular:
  • Technical Manager of well-known Wellness Centres and SPAs in South Tyrol.
  • Consultant for various companies on Wellness, Natural Cosmetics and Natural Food Supplements
  • Creation and development of DOSI’S® Natural Holistic Treatments
  • Technical director Yahawi® Wellness Points and development Yahawi® Wellbeing Cosmetics

   Bowen Master – bei Ossie Rentsch und Manfred Zainzinger, an der Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia – Bowen Akademie Europa, Österreich

   Bowen Practitioner – 12. Level – „Master Class“ – Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia – an der Bowen Therapie Akademie, Österreich

   Trattamenti Bowen / Bowtech – Principali corsi di aggiornamento:

    • “Body, Bowen & Mind”, Anne Schubert and Margaret Spicer (AUS)
    • “Hidden Pearls”, Louise Tremblay (CAN)
    • “Bowen and the meridian system”, Amichay Saller – Fischbach (DE)
    • “Bowen and female well-being”, Sandra Gustafson (USA)
    • “Holistic approach in the onset of neurological disorders and Bowen treatment approach”, Christian Rudolf Krämer (DE)
    • “Tensegrity, postural analysis & fascial lines”, Kelly Clancy (USA)
    • “Body assessment and postural analysis”, Ron Phelan (AUS)
    • “Jaw disorders and related impacts (TMJ disorders)”, Ron Phelan (AUS)
    • “Bowen approach in case of stroke”, Robyn Wood (AUS)
    • “Bowen approach in case of chronic fatigue”, Robyn Wood (AUS)
    • “Bowen Decoding Body”, Georgi Ilchev (BG)
   Dorn & Breuss” Treatments – Postural Treatments, Joint Massage and Bionatural Treatments for Correcting Postural and Joint Misalignments – Dorn Method and Breuss Massage. Specialisation at Lindauer Zentrum für die Dorn-Methode Germany – Yoni Akademie, Austria
   Liebscher & Bracht Pain Therapy – Specialisation: Acupressure for Pain Therapy – Method R.Liebscher & P.Bracht, Germany.
   Tibetan Bell and Sound Massage treatments – “Practitioner sound massage” qualification, Peter Hess method, at Peter Hess Institut Germany, Austria
   Bach Flower Treatments – Various specialisations, Germany
   Applied Kinesiology – Various specialisations at the Institut für Angewandte Kinesiologie, Germany
   Dosi’s® Holistic Treatments – Creation of specific natural face and body treatments