Main Effects

It should be remembered that Bowtech® addresses, in addition to the manifest or reported symptoms, the body-mind-spirit unit in order to achieve an integrated body response, characterised by increased energy flow, improved arterial circulation and lymphatic and venous drainage.

It also aids both the activity of nutrient assimilation (nutrient factor) and the elimination of toxins.

Thanks to the extraordinary success of the Bowtech technique, science has also taken an interest in this method. Numerous medical studies follow the research on the Bowen technique.

There are various theories that try to explain the effects of Bowtech:

The nerve stimulation theory

In case of an accident, the muscles around the affected part stiffen up, in order to protect itself and help the body in its self-healing process.

If the process lasts for a long time, adhesion of the muscle bands occurs. This leads to a reduction in the mobility of the surrounding tissue, hindering blood circulation. Often the body maintains this protective position even when the wound has long since healed. The fasciae ‘remember’ the traumatic situation and can no longer relax.

The theory of nerve stimulation states that the Bowtech technique gives them an impulse, thus activating the body’s communication channels, from individual nerves to the brain. The receptors for these impulses are located in the connective tissue, in the fasciae. The reflexes of the nerves allow the muscles to relax and rebalance. The adhesions of the fasciae are resolved, the organs and their functions are stimulated, as well as blood circulation, lymphatic and energy flow.

The body receives a “no more alarm” signal, the danger has passed.

The vibration theory

It argues that rotational movements – Bowtech-Moves, stimulate a vibration pattern, consequently causing specific frequencies in the body. These correspond to other parts of the body, tuning the body to a healthy frequency. Scientific research has shown that sick cells do not vibrate in unison.

A healthy vibration is harmonic and balanced down to the cellular level. Through the Bowtech technique the body can be retuned and brought back to a healthy, harmonic frequency (like an instrument), effectively stimulating the self-healing process.

The theory of stress release

Trauma and emotional conflicts cause stress to the body, impairing the autonomic nervous system. This leads to stress reactions and a reduced ability of the body to regenerate and restore itself.

The theory of stress release claims that the Bowtech technique, by rebalancing the autonomic nervous system, reduces the stress accumulated in the body. The hypersensitivity of the nerves and the resulting contraction of the muscles are reduced and the self-healing process is activated.

The meridian theory

The knowledge of the meridians comes from the medicine of the Far East. The meridians are regarded as energy conductors, which act as a link between the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

With this in mind, a problem can arise due to an imbalance in the ethereal body, which also affects the physical body in the form of symptoms. Acupressure and acupuncture also work by stimulating the meridians and stimulating the energy flow in the physical body and the subtle energy fields of the aura.

Certain movement sequences with the Bowtech technique are carried out along the meridians, thus rebalancing the energy composition of the body. This theory explains why manipulations carried out on one part of the body can often produce reactions in another part of the body.

Insights and References

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