Private Labeling

Through our group “PHY GROUP”, we offer our professionalism and experience to support our customers in the complex process of Private Labelling. From product selection, packaging and graphics to cosmetic registration.

In addition, thanks to our experienced chemists and laboratories, we can customise or design and develop profitable products with you to meet your market requirements.


All development processes are subject to systematic testing of the various active ingredients and ingredient interaction.

Our factory provides the highest quality OEM manufacturing services available, complete with mass production, filling, decoration, packaging and shipping, and storage capabilities.

Our laboratories allow us to create innovative formulations and observe the highest standards of quality control and product testing.


We operate a registered production facility that complies with IT and EU regulations, using state-of-the-art technological equipment to produce high quality cosmetic products.

Our team of chemists allows us to conduct most of our research and development on-site, helping to speed up production, testing and formulation development times.


Our customers can select products from our extensive library of proven formulations.

It is also possible to customise, modify or create a specific formulation thanks to our chemists working in R&D, formulating tailor-made products according to your wishes and market specifications.
Depending on the complexity of the formulation required, we can adapt our proven stock formulas to meet your specific requirements, or build formulas from scratch.

Yahawi is part of Phy-Group, Italian manufacturers specialising in natural and organic cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities and a wide product offering, we are able to help our customers accelerate their Time to Market (TTM) by always having high quality products that can express the personality of our customers.